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Charles was living at our local humane society before we adopted him. Charles, and cats like him, have inspired the Meow Store to find ways to make life better for cats. Charles believes no cat should be poisoned, starved, beaten, or left to die. Every cat should have shelter, safety, food, & care.
Here's a link to where we adopted Charles from:  Heartland Humane Society, Corvallis Oregon
At MeowStore.com we are inspired by our cat, Charles, who we adopted from our local humane society.
Heartland Humane Society, Corvallis Oregon is dedicated to finding good homes for cats and on the condition that they be spayed or neutered to prevent more unwanted and homeless animals. MeowStore.com gives an annual donation to this local shelter out of our profits. Our staff enjoys visiting the cats and giving them much needed attention as well. We encourage our customers to do the same in your own communities.