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Calico Cat card - blank inside

Calico Cat card - blank inside

Calico Cat card - blank inside

Calico Cat card is blank inside. Printed on the back side of the card are interesting facts about the Calico cat, "Calico cats, or tortoiseshell and white as they are formally known, are always females. The tortoiseshell pattern itself is composed only of black and orange. The relevant gene, in this case for the black or orange, is carried on the X chromosomes and males only have one X chromosome and therefore can only show black or orange. At some time early in development, one of the female embryo's X chromosomes becomes inactive, but it is a matter of chance which one in each cell. If it is a chromosome carrying orange, then all cells descended from that cell carry only the black gene, while cells with the other active X carry the orange gene. This is why the patchy pattern of the tortie comes about only in females. The tortoiseshell and white pattern is recognized in many breeds, including Angoras, Persians, Japanese Bobtails (where it is the preferred color) and of course in the Domestic Shorthairs and "alley" cats.

Environmentally friendly - made with recycled paper and soy based inks. Made in USA.

A quality Paper House product. Measures approx. 7.5" x 4.75"

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